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tv   Action News  ABC  July 28, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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kn [serveigcetuan a uali us. m enea>thenan'ou ttr s. heer f fs,he yohng, soerr]l theve h and 6 o yock -- wh up hrsthhoerayg youphadel ia t wther lightbeco woodbury in gibbstown is kind of falling apart, but that's the center of the passing showers. one heavy hitter moving into burlington county, clouds with sundown the shore at cape may. not bad down at the meet, as there isn't any rain along the
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ocean and it is warm. and inland if philadelphia, 78 degrees. and you still from the dewpoint over 60, still humid. and the winds not too strong, but they could get blustery going later into the afternoon, that is something to keep in mind. 78 in philadelphia. 81 wilmington, 78 trenton. allentown 76 and a lot of low 80s in south jersey with a couple of you seeing the passing shower. looking to west you see precipitation pinwheeling around a counter clock-wise area of low pressure. a trough will come through and through the rest. afternoon there is a chance of some precip in the west rolling through in the form of a spotty shower or thunderstorm. futuretracker is picking that up and a potential for a quick-hitting downpour then moves on. by 8:00 mainly done. in allentown on the warm side with a high of 80. clouds and sun, spotty storm can't be ruled out as you saw in
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futu futuretracker. and up and do you want jersey shore, highs more or less around 79. possibility of a shower or thunderstorm coming through but i think dry on the beach most of the time. when you hear thunder you get off the beach, right? clouds and sun for the afternoon commute. breezy conditions, 83 by 4:00, 79 by 5:30 and down to 76 by 7:00. and the high in philadelphia today officially 85. again that spotty storm with clouds and sun. and the wind that might get gustier later on. overnight the winds die down, partly cloudy skies and comfortable low of 62 with the humidity dropping. tomorrow, futuretracker showing you there might be a few clouds around mixing with a fair amount ever sunshine. it looks like it will be dry and with lawyer humidity nice. and windy at times, a thunder shower may pass, most the day
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dry. tomorrow is refreshing, sunny to senioritily sunny, 80. and wednesday nice, 84. another good one thursday, 85. they could have a pop-up thundershower, thunderstorm north and west of philadelphia, but generally speaking not a bad stretch of weather. friday it changes getting more clouds in play. 85 the forecast high. and probably more sticky. and later in the day, afternoon or evening there could be a thunderstorm. the coming weekend, mid 80s, clouds and sun and a bit unsettled with occasional thunderstorm possible. sunday, mainly dry, and we might get a break on sunday. >> not a bad week ahead. thank you. and this noon from our delaware news room the 16th street bridge renamed in honor of james baker, the longest serving mayor in the city's history. serving three four-year terms. and also the first african-american city council president, a position that he held for 26 years. coming up later today on
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"action news" beginning at 4:00, 26% of americans buy them, but a new study says most doctors and pharmacists wouldn't and saving them money. what people are wasting $44 billion a year on at drug stores. get up or get shocked. the idea behind a new fitness tracker giving slackers a jolt if they skip the gym. details on the device giving "feel the burn" a whole new meaning. you would be in a lot of pain. >> that's right. that's it for "action news at noo noon". >> and for david murphy, rick williams, the entire "action news" team, i'm sarah bloomquist. have a great afternoon. ♪
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